Thursday, April 7, 2011

more homeless?

Today was one of those days when the sun would shine than within minutes it was raining. Every corner I passed while doing my routine shopping, bill paying , banking rounds dawned an abundance of lifes beggars, the pour or in some peoples eyes the workers of humanity, the con artists, the manipulators of the heart. They stand on the corner of a mall or a large shopping center near a market, or department store. They hold a sign usually made of cardboard with an assortment of sayings, God bless, Homeless, Hungry, Traveling…….ANYTHING Helps. I am not criticizing the ones who hold the signs, the people who stand for hours smiling and waving, smoking their cigarettes petting their dogs, I am only taking notice of their diligence, their stamina, their perseverance. I for one would be too embarrassed and I don’t mean in a pride sense, I mean simply that I don’t care for the attention I would draw. Than there is the humble aspect, saying thank you? I was just begging.
Are there more homeless when it rains or do we just notice them more from our warm and cozy cars where we are not getting wet?  Are they really hungry, homeless, out of work and traveing?  I call 'them' the manupilators of the heart I think because no decent human wants to se another suffer. Call me weak. Call me stupid. Ireally don't care I feel.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

homeless in AMERICA: Out of the river they come.

homeless in AMERICA: Out of the river they come.: "Seems like when the weather gets wet the more beggars you see. I use the word beggar not to be derogatory or mean, I am just not sure ..."

Out of the river they come.

Seems like when the weather gets wet  the more beggars you see. I use the word beggar not to be derogatory or mean, I am just not sure what to call them. Homeless? But not all are. Disabled Veterans? Lots claim to be yet who knows how many really are? One thing for sure they are begging, begging for work, begging for money, begging for any bit of anything, "will help". 
We all see them but we all don't look at them. Why? Embarrassed, shamed? guilt? Some of us give a little some of us get angry because we offered work for food but they don't want to work. I have taken some home with different results. Sometimes they eat, sometimes they work a little than leave without pay. I have given them rides and food and clothes, they love socks when it is raining.
I am not bragging or ragging I just wonder what as Americans ewe think about how they got there, here? How come so many people are standing on street corners, outside Walmarts, and approaching people in cars begging?
Where are their families I think. Where will they go when it gets dark out? Why are so many people destitute. How do we fix it? How do we stop it and where will we go when we lose our jobs and our homes?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Go God, So What do you think about this, Would the American government pass out weapons to civialians if we were attacked by foriegn countrys? Really wouldn't that be something. How about that Gadafi he really knows how to get the support of his peeps doesn't he? I am not saying it is a good thing but if America was in danger of being attacked by more than one foriegn power it would be pretty cool to be able to defend my home and family. Wouldn't it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Homeless In America

I know this lady who bought her house in 1986, with a government loan. The payment was adjusted to her income on a 20% basis, she paid 20% of her income, USDA evaluated it every year and made adjustments. Great program!  This foolish woman married a man who convinced her to refinance and withdraw 200,000$$$> DUMB BITCH!   The government didn't do anything to stop the banks from giving loans they knew people couldn't pay back. with payments they could never make!!
     She trusted him. She doesn't blame him, even though he didn't wait a year to dump her. And again ONLY IN AMERICA can a woman own a home or 18 years and be married for 6 months and have to pay HIM the equity to keep it....AND   now she is about to be HOMELESS IN AMERICA!  She keeps telling herself that maybe it is time for her to move on, do something different. Try a new town, she doesnt know how to move. all her family live with in 20 miles.  She walks out in the back yard and picks a small asparagas stalk she chews it raw looking with little hope at the 20ft oak trees that grew from a small bag of acorns her children planted 26 years ago. She lost her job, now she is loseing her home. Where does she go ???

HomeLess in AMERICA

I have a person in my life who has gone from total drug addict crimnal prisoner, to high profile contractor and pilot; a true rags to riches story. Only in america. He made the change about 15 years ago.  He went from homeless to homeowner,Jag and Harley owner and witness for Jesus.
Now he faces a long lingering painfulo death. He has end stage liver disease. He can not longer work as he is racked with pain. He has to have the fluids from his weeping liver drained from his belly on a weekly basis. And only in American can a man who worked since he was 15 and is now 51 is about to be put out on the street. Yes it was his own doing, or was it? He worked and spent his money he paid his taxes and spent his money. Now when he needs a little help from the people who spent his taxes they are dragging their feet. He is still waiting for disability, he has no money for food. He had to wait so long for medical that his prognosis has gone from bad to devasted.  He is trying to get on a list and is heading to Sanford shortly but in the mean time he has less than 2 months to move out of his home. Where will he go? ..................